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01. Map your road to recovery.

From the moment of diagnosis until your recovery, we help make treatment decisions simpler, accessible, and affordable.

Make CancerMitr Yours
Tests and Procedures
Treatment and Therapies
Accommodations, Concierge, Financial planning, and more

02. Book Appointments. Hit Milestones.

Not sure where to get treatment? Or how to find discounted solutions?

Make CancerMitr Yours
Find centres near your or at-home assistance
Take the financial sting out of cancer treatment with discounts
Beat cancer. One milestone at a time.

03. Check on yourself.

Find all your cancer medical history, treatment summaries, test reports, and bills in one dashboard.

Make CancerMitr Yours
Hit milestones easily without emotional, mental, or financial burden
Stay on top of your treatment journey
Track and celebrate your progress

Unlimited Access Annual Pass: INR 1000/- only

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Frequently asked questions

We do not charge anything from our patients. We are a patient centric firm and our goal is to reduce the treatment cost and other related services.
No, we are not an NGO. We are a social impact driven company. We aim to build an ecosystem that makes cancer care information and treatment accessible, affordable, and simple.
To become a member you pay a Rs 1,000 a year and access bigger discounts on tests, treatments, and support therapies.
Membership costs Rs 1000 for a duration of 1 year which is non-refundable in case of cancellation.
Yes. We specifically offer end-to-end insurance claim management and help you access medical loans, and aid from government schemes.

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CancerMitr urges you to consult qualified specialist oncologists for prescriptions, diagnoses, treatment plans, and answers to personal medical questions.