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A Friend in Need

Our Patient Counsellor once said,
“Jab bhi koi patient hamare paas query leke aata hai, toh hamare kandhe pe haat rakhke puchta hai - Mitr, meri help kar do?”
And that is how the name CancerMitr was born.

CancerMitr For You

An online patient-centric OPD with distribution centres for the best cancer treatment solutions.
We are simple, reliable, affordable, near you, and by the best.

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Bringing Vision to Life

To be the largest cancer community.
First in India. Then, globally.

On a Mission

To Save Lives.
From One to Many.

How CancerMitr Works


Get personalised information & treatment plans.
From the best cancer care team.


Virtual OPD care for end-to-end treatment. On time.
At home. Or in centres near you.


Save time, effort and money.
Pre-negotiated economic solutions to unburden you.


Patients helped with personalised solutions

Community partners by your side

Rs 200+ Cr
Money saved on end-to-end treatment

20+ L
Life hours of time and effort saved

Deeply connected patient-centric experience.
Engineered by empathetic people, smart tech, and paperless systems.

Our Story

From the Founder’s Desk

Democratising Cancer Care. The Big Picture.

Driven by love and inspired by grief, we channelled the learnings of our encounter with the big ‘C.’ It was the gaping chasms in our journey with cancer and the system at large that did it. From access to information, resources, personalised care, overall well-being to overcoming social stigmas, caregiver trauma, personal despair, and the constant fear of what is to come.

Nobody should have to struggle to find answers. Nobody should give up because they don’t know better.

So we asked ourselves, “How do we help others manage their cancer and make better-informed decisions?

We visualise cancer care as a deeply connected patient-centric experience. We integrate all components of the patient journey from discovery to recovery. Our standardised models are engineered by empathetic people, smart tech, and paperless systems.

The current cancer care system is meaningful but broken. We mean to fix it. One step at a time. One life at a time. Join us.

- Mansi Mehta

Our Team

90% of our team is touched by cancer

Why you should join us?

Want to see the change, and be it too?