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Cancer Treatment Plan

Cancer treatment plan.

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01. Upload Your Reports

Share all your reports from diagnosis. Reports include:

Blood Tests
Scans and Imaging
Genetic Testing of cancer

02. Fill out Patient Form

Help us understand you better.

Enterprise-grade security
100% confidentiality
Get our cousellor’s help

03. Get Your Treatment Plan

Handpick expert oncologists from our panel. Either get

A single opinion from an expert oncologist. Quick decisions for any stage of your journey
Or a multidisciplinary opinion for a big-picture roadmap

04. Track Your progress

All your milestones, reports, and files in one dashboard. Get resources, reminders and notifications on your treatment schedule.

At home, online.
Simple, personal, and secure tech.

Best Oncologists.

Integrative Treatment.

Best second opinions. From the best care team.

Save 50% travel & OPD wait time.

Save 20% on overhead cost

Reports within 24 hours.

Tips on care management, support & lifestyle

Get estimates on average time & cost

All-round access, support and care

All your reports. One dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you may request for a personal trainer if you need one.
Yes, you can schedule at-home sessions with your Yoga instructor.
No, you can use any of CancerMitr’s services without becoming a member. But membership includes more privileges.
Both cancer patients and supporters. Anyone who wishes to be fit and prevent cancer and deadly diseases can benefit from it.
Yes, without a doubt.

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Anything you need in your cancer journey


Our doctors will opine based on patient history and reports shared. Please consult with our doctors before you follow a treatment plan.